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About Life By Design Masterclass

& Why You Deserve It

It’s time to get what you want – in life. 

Welcome to Life by Design Masterclass, a self-paced raw uncut class taught exclusively by yours truly, Lora Rosemon, Affirmation Coach and Creator of Joli Ide, inspiring women’s mental and spiritual wellness; affirming self-worth.

I’ve intentionally curated this course to give you authentic content, new insights & actionable tools in mastering manifestation techniques, spiritual principles & SELF-realization. But, most importantly, this class was created with you at heart, for the real woman who deserves to live in their truth, become the best version of oneSELF, and manifest their best experience in life.

Rather than throwing a ton of meaningless material at you, you’ll find my teaching style to be straightforward and ONLY what you need to know to implement ASAP.

 It’s simple and easy to digest. There’s no complex spiritual content or B.S. in here!

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This Masterclass is for YOU if you are Ready to...

  • Release Abundance Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

  • Awaken Your Inner Power

  • Unleash Your Full Potential

  • Affirm That SH*T

  • And Start Living The Life You Want

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Become the master of your reality

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