"Meditate On It"

Tap Into The Truth of Your Being & Feel Good About It

Start Experiencing Life As Your Most Authentic Feel-Good High Vibing SELF!

If meditation hasn’t worked for you in the past, maybe you’ve never given it a real chance. Maybe you’ve gotten all wrapped up in special techniques, settings, or simply feeling like there’s not enough time in your day. Loosen up, relax, chill, calm your nerves already &  Be Here Now. That's what it's all about.

Your feel-good vibe attracts more of what makes you feel good. Isn't that what life's all about?

In this meditation series, Lora Rosemon offers a soothing space to raise your vibrational frequency. Warning: Once you enter, you will never be the same- This series is a Raw, Unconventional, Uplifting Soundtrack to living your most authentic-best life!

Who Is This Space For?

Anyone interested in self-realization. Free Yourself from the Troubles/Limitations of the Mind... If you’re a complete newcomer to the idea of “meditation,” this is the perfect introduction. Even if you live your best life of presence and pure consciousness, you’ll still benefit from exploring a fresh perspective and flow.

Why Join This Series?

As the creator of your life experience, this series will help to keep you centered and inspired. 

  • Relax the body and quiet the busy mind
  • Regain clarity and focus
  • Connect with who you are to the core
  • Feel So Damn Good

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Featured Instructor

Affirmation Coach

Lora Rosemon

Lora Rosemon - Affirmation Coach, is the creator of Joli Ide. She provides practical, raw, and inspirational content to help you awaken to your higher self and create a life you love with confidence. Lora has ten + years of experience helping women to rediscover their inner power and highest potential. What you learn through Lora's pointing will nurture your spirit and open your heart to help you move through life with more intention, peace, and clarity. Lora's passion for speaking life began after losing her only sister in 2011 by suicide. She went through a journey of loss and grief to discover her most authentic self and now inspires those around her to breathe, be SELF-ish, and present to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to "Meditate on it" Guided Meditation Series

    • Welcome message from Lora Rosemon

  • 2

    Guided Meditation to Free Your Mind

    • The Power of "Stillness" (5 min)

    • Breather Break | Morning Affirmations (10min)

  • 3

    Guided Meditation for Vibrational Alignment

    • I Am Aligned (10 min)

    • Let Go & Trust the Universe (15min)

  • 4

    Guided Meditation to Manifest That Sh*t

    • Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity (7min)

  • 5

    Guided Meditation for Gratitude

    • Guided Meditation "Gratitude for an Abundant Life" Frequency 432 Hz (11:11min)

  • 6

    Guided Meditation to Affirm that Sh*t (COMING SOON)

    • SELF-Love Affirmations (COMING SOON)

    • Confident AF - Confidence Boost (COMING SOON)

  • 7

    Before you go

    • Thank You

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    • We Value Your Experience


Here's what they're saying

Just what I needed at this time...

-Monique O.

I enjoyed this so much. It was needed at this time of my life where I'm so busy that it's hard to find time for myself. It was so peaceful and calming.

Walking, Talking, Moving... BREATHING

-Chaun L.

This was calming and soothing for my spirit. Something so simple that we often overlook or don't create a space for. Thank you for your guidance!

Empty! Empty! Empty!

-Tara W.

Giving myself permission to just be empty. Emptying all things that have been holding me back. I never thought about it this way. Thank you for you that.