Start Living in Your Full Power

You are an extraordinary being and deserve to live a life of abundance.

What if you WOKE UP and suddenly realized that all your wants, needs, and desires come from a space within?

Wake Up Already!

You are an extraordinary being and deserve to live a life of abundance and prosperity.

Whether it’s discovering your purpose, finding peace and balance, creating your dream life, or straight up moving through life NOT covered in fear, worry, or insecurities– You Possess the Power to Do It All.

Here’s the best unkept Secret! You Are Not Your Mind. You Are Not Your Thoughts. YOU ARE LIFE SO START LIVING FREELY.

This space is here to offer you breathing space to interrupt the old programming—break away from being strongly identified with the troubles of the mind and worldy shit. You are your truest self when you stop moving from your lower state of being & upgrade to your higher self.

If you’re ready to... Strip down, Peel away layers, Unlearn the B.S. and Get High - Meaning Raise Your Vibration to Match the Frequency of the life you desire to live. 

Then you are exactly where you’re meant to be!


Affirmation Coach

Lora Rosemon

Lora Rosemon - Affirmation Coach, is the creator of Joli Ide. She provides practical, raw, and inspirational content to help you awaken to your higher self and create a life you love with confidence. Lora has ten + years of experience helping women to rediscover their inner power and highest potential. What you learn through Lora's pointing will nurture your spirit and open your heart to help you move through life with more intention, peace, and clarity. Lora's passion for speaking life began after losing her only sister in 2011 by suicide. She went through a journey of loss and grief to discover her most authentic self and now inspires those around her to breathe, be SELF-ish, and present to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.

Hear what they have to say

I feel so alive!

-Jakeitha Mims

"I am so happy I decided to dedicate my time to this program. It was very much needed. Love it! Thank you for creating this program and space to breathe. I feel so alive now!!!"