About Life By Design Masterclass

& Why You Deserve It

It’s time to get what you want – in life. 

Welcome to Life by Design Masterclass, a self-paced raw uncut class taught exclusively by yours truly, Lora Rosemon, Affirmation Coach and Creator of Joli Ide, inspiring women’s mental and spiritual wellness; affirming self-worth.

I’ve intentionally curated this course to give you authentic content, new insights & actionable tools in mastering manifestation techniques, spiritual principles & SELF-realization. But, most importantly, this class was created with you at heart, for the real woman who deserves to live in their truth, become the best version of oneSELF, and manifest their best experience in life.

Rather than throwing a ton of meaningless material at you, you’ll find my teaching style to be straightforward and ONLY what you need to know to implement ASAP.

 It’s simple and easy to digest. There’s no complex spiritual content or B.S. in here!

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This Masterclass is for YOU if you are Ready to...

  • Release Abundance Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

  • Awaken Your Inner Power

  • Unleash Your Full Potential

  • Affirm That SH*T

  • And Start Living The Life You Want

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Here is your BLUEPRINT to Mastering Your Manifesting Power

Phase 1:  Meditation 101 | Meditate On It 

(2 modules)

You can't expect a shift in your reality if the noise outside yourself is louder than your truth, distracting you from your dream life. So in this phase of the program, we will dive into understanding why quieting the chaos and finding your center is essential. You will have a moment to tap into the space of unchanging "Stillness" and get a taste of the HIGH LIFE, where all mastery lives.

Phase 2: Getting Intentional 

(3 modules)

Stop being so busy setting goals and getting lost in chasing the end result? Sorry Not Sorry- to say this, but if that's you, you have possibly been "working for" your dream life a little a$$ backward. Trust me, I know, and I mean that in a nice way. But you're here for the raw truth, and that's what I love about vibing with authentic high vibing people like you. So in this phase, you will gain more clarity on why and how to set powerful intentions so that the Universe knows how to support you. You're not here to chase anything. It's your birthright to live your best life. So that sacrifice, hustle, and struggle mentality ends here. 


Phase 3: You Are A Creator- Own It

(3 modules)

Your feel-good vibration attracts more feel-good experiences. But, unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons most people don't get what they want in life is that they identify with abundance blocks, past negative experiences, passed down outdated beliefs, a limited mindset that closes off the infinite Source of the Universe. In this phase, you will recognize how to identify and Unlearn the B.S. (old belief system or bullshit) that's blocking you from attracting the greater-ness that's for you. 

Phase 4: Ask, and You Shall Receive 

(4 modules)

You are one powerful being. What you think and speak about most is what you create. 

But are you aware of the ish that's coming out of your mouth and the story you keep telling yourself and others? It's time to unlearn affirming things that don't serve your highest good. Now that we've identified the B.S., you will feel good about letting some shit go, releasing the old, rewiring the subconscious, rejuvenating in new energy, and attracting your dream life by implementing my 3-step manifestation formula. Say goodbye to self-sabotaging language, limiting and unwanted thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and habits.


Phase 5: Match the Frequency

(4 modules)

It's time to get high, high, high! Raise your vibe to match the frequency of the life you want. Now that we've done energy clearing of the old B.S., this is where you will explore and discover simple methods for creating your own unique manifesting process. So in this phase, it is about permission to feel your absolute best unapologetically. Lora will introduce you to 5 high-vibing techniques that will elevate your whole way of being, and in doing this, you will upgrade and elevate your best life experience.


Phase 6: The Shift 

(1 Module)

This Is It! In this phase of the program, you're going to embody and experience becoming your highest self, fulfilling your highest potential. You will see that Living your Life By Design isn't  -just another masterclass- on manifesting your wants. There's no more smoke and mirrors, no more chasing, no more B.S., and no turning back. Mastering your manifesting power isn't about making shit happen or just about "doing" the inner work anymore. It's who you are in essence—a lifestyle shift. You Are the Master of Your Reality, and what you receive here will be confirmation in your becoming and the becoming of your manifestations. You're in for one life-long enjoyable high-vibing ride from here on. 

There's NO better feeling than to be HIGH ON LIFE

Let's Get High... High... High... High...